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Top Ten List - Best FFX Sessions


"Escaping the Political Medical System: How to Gain your Healthcare Freedom Today—No Lines, No Waiting, and Much Less Expense"


with Judson Anglin, Lee Gross, John Hunt, Ralph Weber

Order #17-078


"Saul Alinsky: Radical Progressive or Freedom Fighter?"


with David Alinsky, Ralph Benko, Dinesh D'Souza

Order #17-023


“CONFRONTATION: My Run-Ins with Donald Trump, Ted Turner and Other Central Planners" 


with John Stossel 

Order #17-071b


“Greed and Selfishness: Virtues or Vices?


with Jennifer Grossman as Ayn Rand and Mark Skousen as Benjamin Franklin

Order #17-071a


“Evaporating Liberties? Protecting the Pursuit of Economic, Healthcare, and Education Happiness"


with Dan Bongino

Order #17-143a


“Creating Supernovas for Freedom


with Bob Chitester and Lisa Kennedy

Order  #17-143


“To Boldly Go…: Reason and the Glorious Libertarian Future” 


with Nick Gillespie, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Matt Welch

Order #17-143c


“How to Prepare for the Coming Trump Train Wreck


with Peter Schiff 

Order #17-159


“100 Years of Forbes: What Have We Learned? 


with William Baldwin, Steve Forbes; Mark Skousen (mod)

Order #17-079


“The Police on Trial"

with Adam Bates, Dan Bongino, Larry Burns, Larry Elder, Neill Franklin, Daniel Thompson III and Kennedy as the Judge

Order #17-138

Honorable Mentions

#11  “Defending Freedom in the House of Cards"
with Representatives Justin Amash, Andy Biggs, Thomas Massie (#17-141a)

#12 “Defending Liberty in the Era of Trump"
with Senator Mike Lee, Congressman Thomas Massie (#17-141b)

#13 “The Megaphones of Power: Hollywood, The Media, and Academia"
with Dinesh D'Souza (#17-076)

#14  “New Frontiers in Journalism--How to Use Guerilla Communications Techniques and the Internet to Circumvent the Mainstream Media”
with James O'Keefe (#17-007b)

#15  “Mothers of God: A Bold New Look at Women In the Bible"
with Jo Ann Skousen (#17-093)

with JuanPablo Andrade, Deneen Borelli, Nick Gillespie, Wayne Allyn Root, Roberto Salinas-Leon, Jeffrey Tucker (#17-105)

#17  “The Fountainhead of Freedom: Striking the Balance between Business and Art.”
with William Shatner; Mark Skousen (mod): (#17-139)

#18 Jim Rogers: “Street Smarts: Eight Lessons in Business and Life"
with Jim Rogers (#17-147)

#19 “Bork to Gorsuch: How Donald Trump and a Handful of Professors Saved the Constitution"
with Randy Barnett (#17-153)

Best Debates at FFX

“Capitalism vs. Socialism: Which Way, Israel?” with Ziad Abdelnour, George Gilder, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and Michael Medved; Gene Epstein (mod):  One of our most lively debates. Ziad and Michael were on fire! (#17-058)

“Is Success Due to Skill or Luck?” with Larry Elder, Alex Green, and Michael Sheerer; Nicholas Vardy (mod): Surprising answers! (#17-094)

Is College Worth it?” with Gabriel Calzada, Daniele Struppa, Katherine Mangu-Ward. Yes, but…. (#17-035)

Should We Tax the Rich More? featuring Steve Moore vs. Lanny Ebenstein. One of the debaters failed to get a single vote! (#17-019)

“Twenty Minutes to Your Door: Should Prostitution be Legalized?” with Floyd Brown vs. Dennis Hof.  An emotional debate! (#17-186)

Most Unusual Sessions at FFX

Sex and Money: How Humanity’s Twin Obsessions Become One” with Rabbi Daniel Lapin. (#17-108)

How Women Are Making a Difference in the Liberty Movement” with Anastasia Boden, Jennifer Grossman, Lana Link, Anita MonCrief, and Nena Whitfield. (#17-146)

British Common Law vs. Napoleonic Law: Which is Better for America and the World?” with  John Chisholm. (#17-178)

“I Knew George Washington, and Trump is No Washington” with David Boaz. (#17-107)

 “Six Secrets to Turning Your Book into a Bestseller” with Mari Ross. (#17-160)

“Why I Can’t Enter the United States (and Do I Want to?)” with Conrad Black, interviewed via Skype by Jennifer Grossman. (#17-081)

A Century of Communism: Who’s Winning the 100 Year War of Ideas?” with Mark Klugmann, Yuri Maltsev, Marc Eliot; Lee Edwards (mod). (#17-082)

The Lessons of History" with George Gilder, Steven Kates, Deirdre McCloskey, Tom Palmer, and Jim Powell: The Q&A began with an emotional plea by a Venezuelan attendee who begged for help in his country’s battle for freedom from oppressive Marxist dictatorship. (#17-145)

“Charlton Heston: Hollywood’s Last Icon” with Marc Eliot and Fraser Heston. (#17-127 and 17-190)

Beauty and the Beat: 100 Years of Jazz” with Patty Farmer, Hyperion Knight, Alex Green; Gary Alexander (mod). (#17 -134)

Top Financial Sessions at FFX

How to Make a Million $$ and Mold a Million Minds on Social Media” with Lee Allison, Julie Borowski, Craig Huey, and Larry Sharpe; Floyd Brown (mod). (#17-084)

“Are All Gold Stocks Burning Matches?” with Doug Casey, Adrian Day, Louis Navellier, and Peter Schiff.(#17-024)

Can You Beat the Market?” with Rob Arnott, Jim Woods, Donald Smith, Jeff Siegel. Maybe…. (#17-176)

“Asia and the Rise of State Capitalism” with Jim Rogers, Keith Fitz-Gerald; Nicholas Vardy (mod). (#17-128)

“The Lessons of Financial History: What I Would Do Differently” with Joel Stern, Jim Rogers, Jack Reed, Gena Lofton. (#17-170)

“The Best of Both Worlds: High Income and Growth Stocks” with Adrian Day, Alex Gren, Marc Lichtenfeld, and Rob Arnott. (#17-158)

“Beat the IRS: 7 Clever Ways for Investors to End-Run the Tax Collector” with Bill Baldwin. (#17-125)

The Pitch Tank Returns with Steve Forbes, Kevin Harrington, Greg Writer and others. Electrifying! (#17-079)

"Challenging Civil Forfeiture: Why We Need To End Policing for Profit" with Kanya Bennett, Dr. Dick Carpenter, Russ Caswell, Bill Piper; Scott Bullock (mod).(#17-059)