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Speaking Out on the Biggest Issues Facing the World Today

At FreedomFest, we value the power of voices coming together to bring greater insight and clarity to the most important topics facing us all today - digital privacy, foreign policy, economic development, political freedom, criminal justice reform, investing, healthcare and healthy living, and much more.

Our panels bring together top-notch experts in their fields to discuss what our attendees need to know.

We have plenty of stand-alone sessions with our experts too with topics that are sure to enlighten and elucidate.

Digital Security: What You Need to Know NOW to Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Business


Cyber security and digital privacy are paramount today. All of our personal information is stored on a handheld device that can easily be stolen. Technology is changing all the time. What can you do to protect your family and business from prying eyes and nefarious parties looking to access your data for their own purposes and profit?

Privacy and security experts Jeff Kalibjian and John Iannarelli lead an information-packed panel on all things cyber protection. THE solution for your family and business in an online age.

cybersecurity panel

Finding A Cure For Political Dysfunction

Steven Nemerovski headshot
As a speaker, college professor, political lobbyist, TV show host and author, Steven Nemerovski has established himself as a leading expert on how to fix this nation’s dysfunctional, polarized political system — with an emphasis on establishing an effective, competitive third party. With more than 30 years working in law, government and politics, he’s intimately acquainted with the inner workings of the American political system.
In his first appearance at FreedomFest, Prof Nemerovski will lead a panel of experts to delve into the issue of political dysfunction - where does it come from and can it be solved?

Pope Francis and the Free Markets


David Theroux


Lawrence McQuillan

Wake Forest economics professor Robert Whaples photographed in Carswell Hall on Tuesday, February 19, 2008.

Robert Whaples

Why Some Countries Can Never Get Out of Poverty

Why do some countries seem to stay in poverty? Is it geographic? Cultural? Political? Racial? Philosophical? Emotional? Psychological? All of the above? The panelists share expertise and experience with insights from around the world to provide a new look into the nature of global poverty.


Rakesh Wadhwa


Leon Leow


Jayant Bhandari


Doug Casey

Explaining Our Breakthrough Desalination & Water Recycling Technologies

John Collier, Reliable One Resources

Taking seawater to potable water at 1/9th the energy cost of current systems. Reliable was the only company that successfully cleaned a sampling of one of the most contaminated mining spills in US history, the Los Animas River. I will explain what we did, how we did it, and what the opportunity is for investors.

Reliable Source Slider 2018

Top Sessions with Our Experts

A law enforcement team consisting of two North Las Vegas Police Department police officers, one Airman from 99th Security Forces Squadron, one Nevada Highway Patrol officer and one Las Vegas Metro Police Department officer, move quickly as two simulated gunman fire upon students  at Lomie Heard Elementary School, March 28, 2012 during a Multi Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities exercise at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. The scenario prepared participants to respond to real-word active shooter events. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. William P.Coleman)

Active Shooter: What Really Happened in Las Vegas, and How to Protect Yourself

John Iannarelli, FBI Special Agent (Ret)


A Libertarian Response to the #MeToo Movement

Kat Murti, libertarian, feminist, activist


The Death of Death: Antiaging and Rejuvenation

Jose Cordeiro, Singularity University


Look Mom! No Traffic Jams! Rethinking America’s Highway System

Bob Poole, co-Founder, Reason Foundation


How Free Markets Will Allow African Entrepreneurs to Create Prosperity

Magatte Wade, founder and CEO of Tiossan


Render Unto Caesar: Was Jesus a Socialist?

Larry Reed, Foundation for Economic Education

John Mackey is co-CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market and co-founder of the nonprofit Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

Whole Foods Diet

John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods Market


Jury Nullification: A Little Known Way to Negate Bad Laws

Capt. Jim Green, Utah Valley University


Antonio Gramsci and the Cultural Revolution: How Marxists Took over Higher Education, and How to Take It Back

Daniele Struppa, Chapman University

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