Mock Trial

Taking on a World Gone Mad with Our Annual "Mock Trial"

FreedomFest is famous for its annual "mock trial," a main stage presentation that takes on an important issue and looks at it from all sides, with a judge, star witnesses, defense and prosecuting attorneys - even a jury made up of FreedomFest attendees!

In past years, we've put a remarkable selection of issues on trial:

  • Religion
  • Foreign Policy
  • the Fed
  • Climate Change
  • the Police
  • the Republican Party and much more

Public School System on Trial

The concept of public schooling in the United States has been around for a long time. As early as the 1600s, communities created structures of required and free public education and schooling. It wasn't until the 1800s that the public school system really took shape in the United States.

Since that time, public schools have had a mixed reputation. For some, the local public school is a symbol of civic pride, community, service and progress. But in other ways, the public school system has instituted segregation, inequality, even corruption.

What is the state of our public school system today? With the emergence of common core, national standards, increasing taxes, school shootings, depleting test scores, standardized tests, diminishing arts, recess and physical education, is the public school system HELPING or HURTING our efforts to educate our children and improve our society?

And even more important, is the public school system even doing what it claims is it's purpose? Is it EDUCATING our children or actually DEFRAUDING the American public?

In our famous mock trial this year, we'll bring together top-notch experts in the public school system to charge the system with its shortcomings and also defend it from its detractors.

Who is right? What's the answer for the future of American public education? The school system as it is now? Or something VERY different?

You'll be there for the historic discussion. And you'll get to weigh in! We'll take YOUR vote at the end to see who wins the case.

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