FreedomFest 2018:

Where Is the Voice of Reason in a World Gone Mad?

Are you concerned about the state of our world today?

....College students shout down professors, administrators, guest speakers and each other, self-righteously determining that some speech should not be free.

...Russian trolls plant outrageously divisive stories on American social media designed not to support a particular candidate but to cause bitter hatred between Americans.

...Police officers continue to stop black drivers for minor traffic offenses that all-too-often turn deadly

...Politicians reject voucher programs for ordinary people while sending their own children to private schools

...Public massacres of random citizens have become frighteningly commonplace as three separate shooters kill over 100 people in a single month

...Investors continue to follow the advice of doomsdayers promoting investments in gold and other crisis hedges while the stock market roars ahead, leaving them behind

...Hollywood celebrities are caught with their pants down while purporting to support women’s causes

...Pundits call for stronger gun control laws, ignoring the fact that a private citizen with an AR 15 stopped the shooter in a Texas church

...Competing voices shout each other down on social media and news media, sharing stories and opinions that may or may not be true.


In this world turned upside down, Where is the Voice of Reason?

You’ll find the voice of reason at FreedomFest 2018, where we’ll bring you the most reasoned minds in politics, economics, history, science, health and wellness, education, art and literature.

FreedomFest always hosts the best and brightest in the liberty movement, as you can see from the photograph below, taken to commemorate the Newsmax poll of 100 most influential living libertarians. And this photo doesn’t even include half of them!

Top Libertarians EditedRevisedCaption

Putting the Program Together

The FreedomFest team is hard at work, putting together our speaker lineup and program of top-notch panels, electrifying debates, our famous annual "mock trial," and much more.

You'll also see the return of the Pitch Tank -- our yearly business competition -- and the "Trade Show for Liberty" -- our Exhibit Hall, chock-full of the world's best liberty-oriented think tanks, businesses, investing opportunities, and non-profit organizations. It's the place where EVERYONE who cares about liberty comes together to learn, share, network and grow!

We'll be adding information regularly, so check back here often!

Click the icons below to see more details information about Keynote Speakers, Top Panels and Topics, Big Debates, the Fast Money Summit (Investing), the Pitch Tank, the Anthem Film Festival, and our Special Events (including the Saturday Night Banquet with the Reason Media Awards).

The full agenda will be posted in June 2018.

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