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At FreedomFest we understand that political freedom is only half the battle. To truly live the life you desire, you must have financial freedom as well. That’s why we create a full three-day investment conference as part of FreedomFest, covering investing, finances, business, entrepreneurism and much more.

We have an extensive and impressive array of financial, business and investing advisers who come to FreedomFest, as well as high quality financial services and investing firms in our exhibit hall. With a multitude of sessions on the best investment strategies and personal finance practices, plus our excellent financial sponsors, you will leave FreedomFest armed with new opportunities to secure your wealth, grow your portfolio, improve your business or livelihood, and live your dreams.

Expert Voices in Finance, Investing and Business

Here are a few expert voices in finance, investing and business we are delighted to welcome to FreedomFest 2018.


Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"


Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club and Investment U


Magatte Wade, owner and founder of Tiossan, a skincare line based on Senegalese recipes and ingredients


Mark Skousen, editor of "Forecasts & Strategies" and economist


Jim Rogers, international investor and author


Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist for Money Map Press


Adrian Day, investment advisor on mining stocks and foreign markets


Doug Casey, financial advisor in mining, crypto currencies, marijuana stocks


Patrick Byrne,, bitcoin


Rob Arnott, one of the foremost financial economists in the country


Van Simmons, rare coins and collectibles


Jim Woods, a tech wizard with a great track record

FF18-Sliders – Lib CEOs

Libertarian CEOs: Can Conscious Capitalism Really Change Business for the Better?

John Mackey, co-author of “Conscious Capitalism,” teams up with Andy Puzder, former CEO of CKE Restaurants (Carl’s Jr. and Hardy’s) and author of the new book “The Capitalist Comeback and the Plot to Stop It,” will respond to the attacks on big business, and what it will be like when Amazon takes over Whole Foods and the rest of the world.

The Rich Port Strategy of Tax-Free Profits

Fed up with high taxes, even after the Trump tax cuts? There is a way out. Recently Peter Schiff (chairman of Euro Pacific Capital) has become an official resident of Puerto Rico, taking advantage of its 4% corporate income tax and zero capital gains taxes. No federal taxes! This is by far the best tax haven for online businesses, professional services, traders, and retirees. And you don’t have to give up your US citizenship.


The ULTIMATE Way to Beat the Market Decade After Decade

Join legendary investors who have ultimate track records of outperformance: Jim Rogers, international investor and author; Donald Smith, New York’s “deep value” money manager who searches for “below book” stocks that have incredible upside potential; Both Rogers and Smith are listed in the World’s 99 Greatest Investors book. And Alex Green, Investment Director of the Oxford Club. Green’s portfolio is ranked 6th in the country by Hulbert Financial Digest. There are many ways to climb a mountain, but only a few get to the top. In this session, you will learn three methods that really work.


Five Pot Stocks That Can Make You a Millionaire Like Me

Douglas R. Casey, chairman of Casey Research, thinks that the recent sell off in cannabis stocks offers an excellent opportunity to get in early on the next big run up, especially now that Canada has made marijuana legal throughout the country. He has identified five pot stocks to buy.


Ten Baggers in Gold

Mining and foreign stock veteran Adrian Day identifies three low-priced mining stocks that he expects to increase by 1,000% or more in the next gold upswing – which may have already started when the conference begins. And Van Simmons, veteran coin dealer at David Hall Rare Coins, offers the pros and cons of investing in gold and silver coins.


Puzzles and Paradoxes in Finance: How to Profit from CRAZY Anomalies on Wall Street

Top academic wizards discuss their unconventional studies: The Wall Street Growth trap and the Winner’s Curse. Why did Jeremy Siegel, the Wizard of Wharton, say that growth stocks and media darlings are often the worst performers? How is it possible for high-dividend value stocks to outperform low-dividend growth stocks? Why do stocks with clever ticker symbols (like LUV and MAIN) so often beat the market? Burt Malkiel’s Monkeys Paradox: How is it possible for monkeys throwing darts at stock pages to consistently beat the index?

These and other fascinating questions will be discussed and resolved by Rob Arnott, the “godfather of smart beta,” and Gary Smith, professor of finance at Pomona College (Clermont University). Arnott has won seven Graham & Dodd Awards, and is the former editor of the prestigious Financial Analysts Journal. Smith, who earned his PhD in finance under Nobel prize economist James Tobin at Yale, specializes in stock market anomalies, debunking economic myths, and confirming why “regression to the mean” works in education, sports, housing, and investing. He is the author of Money Machine: The Surprising Simple Power of Value Investing. Get your copy at the Fast Money Summit.  I will be moderating this most creative panel.


More Exciting Sessions in the Fast Money Summit

  • Alex Green, investment director of the Oxford Club, on Better to Prepare than Predict: My Two Favorite Techniques to Make Money on Wall Street. (Alex is a big fan of FreedomFest and attends EVERY year. He once wrote, “Next to my wedding day and the birth of my children, FreedomFest was the highlight of my life!”) Alex is especially looking forward to this year’s event to hear George Will, whom he considers the most influential journalist of our time, and his favorite writer.
  • Investing in Insecurities: A Freudian Slip on Wall Street by Simon Reeves, a former floor trader of the American Stock Exchange and now the CEO of TideRock Financial, a major consulting firm to high net worth individuals, reveals his extensive research on the effects of childhood traumas on financial decisions and people’s relationship with money. By age seven, did you crave security or variety? Seek love or significance? How much do your first few years of life affect your happiness in retirement? Find out, only at the FreedomFest Fast Money Summit!
  • That’s a Capital Idea! In her new book, Bourgeois Equality,Chicago professor Deirdre N. McCloskey argues that it was ideas, not capital or institutions, that enriched the world. I say that ideas are not enough, and the role of capitalists to finance those great ideas is essential for economic growth and a higher standard of living. Mark Skousen will spar with this fellow economist on a number of issues.
  • DEBATE: Can Anything Good Come from Being Super Rich? Recent academic studies at Berkeley and University of Virginia claim that the super-rich are poor role models and that excessive wealth-building should be discouraged. In this debate, Lanny Ebenstein, professor of economics at UC Santa Barbara and author of the new book, Tax the Rich More, argues that the rich can be taxed heavily without hurting incentives. Alex Green, investment director at the Oxford Club and author of Beyond Wealth, defends the rich, relying on the work of Thomas Stanley’s The Millionaire Next Door, that being rich is good and positive for society, and should be encouraged.
  • Speaking of emerging markets, we have a special treat for attendees: a 20-minute video presentation with 40-year veteran investor Mark Mobius, direct from Singapore.  Mobius is famous as the legendary money manager of the Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Fund. He will reveal his Eight Lessons of Investing in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. Eight is a lucky number in Asia! We asked Mr. Mobius to prepare this video especially for us.
  • What Am I Missing? The Ultimate Question for All Bears and Bulls Since the financial crisis of 2008, the doom-and-gloom crowd has been wrong about the economy and the stock market. Both have soared. But now that stocks are near all-time highs, perhaps even overvalued, a major correction or even a bear market are threatening. In this ultimate fight between the bulls (optimists) and the bears (pessimists) the moderator will ask each side the #1 question that might prove each group wrong: “What am I missing?” See how financial gurus Jim Rogers, Doug Casey, Alex Green, and Keith Fitz-Gerald answer.

Your Financial Well-being is a critical aspect of your overall freedom! Join us at FreedomFest for the ULTIMATE in investment and financial advice for your portfolio.

Where the Samurai Would Invest Today… and why their tactics could be worth a fortune to savvy investors

Keith Fitz-Gerald, Chief Investment Strategist for Money Map Press, one of the largest investment services in the world today, is a lifelong martial artist with deep roots in Japan. Fitz-Gerald has spent 35 years in global markets as a consultant, analyst and trader, so he knows the global economy first hand.


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