The Road to Freedom and the Demise of Nation States

The Science of Freedom Foundation was established to advance the authentic science of society as a natural phenomenon with harmonious technological applications to human life and action in society. The Science of Freedom Foundation represents an intellectual for profit, tax-exempt, organization. Profit is the net gain derived from activities that enhance life and survival of all living entities. Philosophically, profit is any increase in satisfaction or happiness acquired by moral means. Donations to this foundation represent a tax-deductible investment in the attainment of freedom.


The Foundation is based on a philosophy of total freedom of the individual human being and the integrity of private property leading to individual sovereignty, personal enterprise and voluntary contractual government, proprietary administration of social organizations and a laissez faire market economy.


  • The main objective of the Foundation is the attainment of total freedom for individuals around the world through personal enterprise and free trade. Freedom is the societal condition that exists when every individual has full control over his life and property.
  • To achieve this objective, the immediate goals of the Foundation are to establish and further the science of freedom and disseminate this science through publications.
  • Increasing public recognition and acceptability of the natural social order that derives from spontaneous human organization via demonstrations of the efficacy, productivity and humanity that results from personal enterprise.
  • Propagation and implementation of this science by establishing contractual social organizations based upon personal enterprise with proprietary management of all government services, including insurance protection, individually issued virtual money, voluntary compliance common law jurisprudence with restitution, proprietary undivided ownership, development and management of real property and public services, and noncompulsory competitive education.


  • The development of new intellectuals under a Fellowship Program by means of scholarships, internships, student loans, university courses, research and scholarly programs.
  • The extensive use of internet communication technologies to facilitate the rapid dissemination of these concepts worldwide.
  • Dissemination and publication of books.
  • Establishment and maintenance of a physical and virtual library of the various contributions and their integration at various institutions of learning worldwide.
  • Provision of support for new enterprises that will effectively implement natural government, proprietary land management, individual sovereign money, voluntary compliance jurisprudence and education concepts.
  • Study Groups, Seminars, Book Reviews, Workshops, Counseling and Consulting, Exploratory Ventures.
  • Commissions, Franchises, Business Ventures.


  • The Science of Freedom Foundation, Inc. was established in 2010 and incorporated in the State of Nevada as a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Corporation able to accept Tax Exempt Contributions, Donations, and Bequests.
  • Subsequent implementation of spinoff enterprises will be on a for-profit basis.


Come to FreedomFest and visit us at our Booth location, T 10


With a tax-deductible donation of $50 or more to the Science of Freedom Foundation, each donor will receive a free signed hardcover copy of the book:

“The Road to Freedom and the Demise of Nation States,”

by Peter B. Bos, President of the Science of Freedom Foundation

This book describes why the politically democratic state is a mythical and illegitimate concept that does not and cannot work and why, without the corrective market feedback of profits and losses, this unstable, unmanageable, inefficient and authoritative social organization will cause its own demise.

The book, The Road to Freedom and the Demise of Nation States, maps out an alternative path leading to a new contractual social organization based upon individual sovereignty and freedom. Under this natural government of contractual decentralized economic democracy, individuals vote with their money ballot for the products and services they want, including risk-sharing insurance protection of life and property, privately issued money, voluntary compliance jurisprudence with restitution, proprietary undivided ownership and management of real property and public services, and noncompulsory education.

The Road to Freedom constitutes an evolutionary continuation of the principles of individual sovereignty and freedom underlying the American Revolution, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, leading to worldwide peace and prosperity.

In addition, at our booth T10, a limited number of copies of the hardcover and paperback book are available for purchase for $35.95 and $24.95 plus 8.5% Nevada Sales Tax, respectively. The author, Peter B. Bos will be there to discuss the book and sign your copy.

Alternatively, this title is now also available through your local bookseller or

from your preferred on-line retailer or can be ordered from the book publisher.

To order, call 888-265-2129 or visit

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4834-3144-4 – $24.95 (xxv+642 pages)

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-4834-3146-8 – $35.95 (xxv+642 pages)

E-book ISBN:      978-1-4834-3145-1 – $12.99

For more information, visit website:



Book Reviews:

“This remarkable book reflects the author’s enthusiasm for liberty and his vast intellectual curiosity. I propose to discuss only a few of the book’s central insights, but only reading the book will adequately convey Peter Bos’s intellectual range.


Bos offers us a vision of a better world and readers of The Road to Freedom and the Demise of Nation States will be instructed and challenged by what he has to say.”

                                                      David Gordon, editor of The Mises Review. 

“I have finished “The Road to Freedom and the Demise of Nation States” and feel it is one of the more creative and original works that I have read, ever. I compare it to “The Road to Serfdom”, “Free to Choose” “Progress & Poverty” and other seminal works. I genuinely believe that if it were in the hands of the public at large and not just the elites it would have the same effect that “Das Kapital” had in the 19th and 20th centuries, although in a positive way.  Mr. Bos not only identifies the problems of today – bloated, dysfunctional government, confiscatory taxation, a failed education system, the coming debt bomb explosion – he also gives us answers of how to create a better way to govern ourselves. It is as thought provoking as “Common Sense” and as revolutionary as the Declaration of Independence itself. “The Road” is a book one never stops reading. You visit and revisit it again and again, or at least I will.”

Dave Carson

“I have finished “The Road” and feel it is one of the more creative and original works. It is the single best and most comprehensive expression of the freedom philosophy.”

Howard Hinman

“I bought this book directly from the publisher in hardback at a lower price.

It is, as the other reviewer says, a superb book. Amazon’s description of the book is accurate. Goodbye nation state; hello individual liberty. Peter Bos offers some logical and insightful thoughts on how and why the violent nation-state will inevitably fail, and offers some creative suggestions on what will replace it and how society will fare without it, and we will fare very well indeed.”

                                                                                          Ned Netterville

This outstanding and thought provoking book is a ‘must-read’ by anyone interested in individual sovereignty and freedom. It is very well written and meticulously researched. If you are fed up with the current political democratic system of false alternatives, this book provides a true alternative social organization of economic democracy based upon contract rather than coercion. This alternative natural government provides for proprietary management of all government services. Excellent book, definitely worth 5 stars!!      

                                                                                          Dickran Ketenjian

ADDRESS: Science of Freedom Foundation

419 Alabama Street

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Peter B. Bos, Chairman

Christopher Boehr

John Goode

Alvin Lowi, Jr.

Nancy Rhyme Snelson

Spencer MacCallum

Charles Holloway



President, Peter B. Bos

Treasurer, Christopher Boehr

Secretary, John Goode

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