How to Have a FreedomFest Experience at Home

There is an undeniable, electrifying sensation that accompanies a conference of like-minded individuals. When you are surrounded by brilliant minds, critical thinkers, and inspiring orators, it can be all too easy to get swept up in the heady atmosphere the conference creates. The room hums with the excitement of conversations and friendly debate. People cluster together in groups, their voices rising to be heard over the volume of passionate discussions. Some are bursting with excitement, others are skeptical about the likelihood of enacting real, lasting change. Though they are each different, they are all united by their genuine desire to celebrate the liberties that Americans enjoy and fight for those that they believe are being ignored or trampled upon. There is no substitute for the opportunities that conferences such as FreedomFest offer to participants.

For four days some of the brightest minds will meet at the Paris Resort in Las Vegas. Here nascent organizations will mingle with experienced executives and new activists will be born as they discover or further develop their burgeoning beliefs regarding freedom, egalitarianism and American ideals. They will all leave the conference better equipped than they were when they entered three days previously. They will all return to their own homes and to their own lives, leaving behind the exhilarating energy of the conference. What each attendee does after they leave is most important. The skills and knowledge gained at the conference have far less value if they are not utilized by those that obtain them. What the conference members do with the information once they return home will determine whether the conversations will end at the hotel doors or continue into their communities.

How to Avoid the Intellectual Crash

Just as real as the exhilaration of the conference is the crash that inevitably follows when all of the participants return home. We each return to the mundane tasks that consume our time. The energy and excitement created by the conference, the panelists, and the newly formed relationships begins to fade. Our ideas and dreams that had seemed so tangible in the hotel setting as we listened to the talented lineup of speakers may seem less and less plausible. At home the obstacles impeding our freedoms appear insurmountable when we are no longer encouraged by other advocates. How do you keep this from happening?

The feelings and great ideas gained at conferences such as the upcoming FreedomFest do not have to fade as the reality of everyday life sets in. You can continue to learn about ways to impact your community from your own home. Just as you joined the passionate throngs of people advocating for freedom across the nation, you can join the community of passionate advocators taking their lessons further through online political advocacy and campaigning courses created by American Majority.

From July 11 – 14, in Las Vegas, Nevada, conference attendees will have the opportunity to hear American Majority Founder and CEO, Ned Ryun, as well as our Chief of Staff, Lonny Leitner, explain targeted strategies to effectively utilize social media to form a strong online presence and equip listeners with the skills needed to reach the hearts of readers and voters alike rather than just trying to appeal to their minds. You can create real change and ignite a lasting political movement from the lessons learned on American Majority Online.

American Majority Online — Courses to Keep the Conversation Alive

Peruse our myriad courses that expand on lessons learned from the conference. Learn how to direct your political passions as an effective activist through our Effectivism training composed of two parts. Express your ideas through public service by running for a political office. No government position is too small to make a difference. Local politicians and leaders are uniquely situated to greatly impact their communities and constituents. Learn how to plan and run your campaign, draft your message, and secure votes through our Candidate Certification Program.

Our programs are not only for those considering or working in publicly held positions. American Majority’s Online courses are also designed for younger individuals who are just as passionate about the political climate around them. If you want to be an activist in your school or on your campus you should consider enrolling in our FREE-for-students campus training program. This program will teach you how to start or improve student organizations at your school, hold school officials accountable, encourage fellow students to get involved in politics and much more.

Lastly, activists and candidates of any age can benefit from our social media training program which delves into targeted strategies for managing your online presence and projected image.

Don’t allow the passion and the fervor of the conference to fade once everyone returns home. Break the cycle by registering for our online courses and learn how to take the steps leading from the conference doors to enacting real change in your community.

To register for American Majority’s Online Courses Click Here.

For tickets to FreedomFest, “the world’s largest gathering of free minds,” go to or call 1-855-850-3733 ext 202. Use code VOICE100 for $100 off the retail price.

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